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Sink Jacksonville Fl

Sink Jacksonville Fl

Sinks are an indispensable part of a home’s function and aesthetic. It spruces a dated bathroom or kitchen to make an effortless focal point. Rolland Reash Plumbing has a wide range of designs, color, style, and operations for the most renovated parts of the home – kitchen, and bathroom. Review the following sparkling premium kitchen sinks for sale in Jacksonville to envision how they will fit into your home.

Sinks you can buy from our store

Top mount

It is the most common of all kitchen sinks, with a simple installation process. It also has a variety of materials, such as stainless steel, copper, iron, and composite.


The undermount is a kitchen sink installation in Jacksonville FL, that attaches to the bottom of the countertop. It has support from the surrounding supporting cabinets to have a seamless look. An under-mount fits a variety of surfaces, including granite, marble, and quartz.

Flush mount

The sink blends into the kitchen layout because it does not have visible edges. It is also known as the integrated sink and usually has custom orders due to its adaptability on different sizes of mounts.

Prep sink

This design is one of the shallowest among kitchen types. It has a small faucet and is best beside a bigger sink.


The sink trends because it exudes traditional charm and has the best functionality. The front is open-ended while the sides and back are under-mount features. These sinks are often more in-depth than the average kitchen sink and are therefore convenient for commercial kitchens such as in busy restaurants.

Types of bathroom sinks


These sinks are also known as the drop-in-sinks because they mount above the countertop. They have a rolled and finished rim that keeps it in place. It is easy to install and replace because it does not affect the countertop’s sitting. It meshes well with any material and adapts to a wide array of bathroom styles.

Pedestal sink

It is a freestanding sink with support from a small column at the bottom of the sink. The sink offers more space for small bathrooms because they do not need a vanity set.

Vessel sink

The sink sits atop a vanity counter and aligns with the countertop. It is known as the above-counter sink because it allows a considerable amount of space at the top of the countertop. The best vessel sink in Jacksonville FL should have a variety of material options, such as glass, stone, ceramic, and many more.

Console sink

They have a wall mounting that sits on two or four legs for support. Hiring our service ensures that drain and supply pipes match the sink for a cooperative look.
Wall hung sink

They sit on the wall and save the most amount of space on the floor. You can purchase the optional concealed arm or wall support to hide the pipes.

Vanity top

These sinks have a glammed look because they do not have a base. You can, however, include a matching base or use the existing one to improve functionality. Vanity tops have a variety of materials, such as granite, tile, wood and other solid surface materials.  

Contact us to choose the best sink that matches the home’s theme and saves you a fair amount for the best sink repair and installation in Jacksonville.


Sink Jacksonville Fl

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