Pool Table Construction

  • High-Grade “A” Maple Construction – Cabinet/Legs/Rails/Support Beams.
  • No Veneers and No MDF Components.
  • Wide-Profile Rails.
  • Recessed Maple Sub Rails.
  • Perfectly Jointed Blinds For Additional Strength.
  • Genuine Abalone in Mother-Of-Pearl,
    Pre-Finished, Double-Diamond Sites.
  • High Torque, Floating-Nut-Plate Rail Design.
  • Breathable, K-66 Full Profile, Gum Rubber Cushions
    With Vulcanized Control Fabric.
  • 1” Oversized, Matched & Registered, Highly Desirable
    Brazilian Slate.
  • Precision Machined Steel Corner Brackets.
  • Machine-Screw/Barrel-Insert Design To Anchor
    The Corner Brackets To The Cabinet.
  • Double-Interlocking Mortise Cut, Solid Maple Support Beams.
  • Machine-Screw/Barrel-Insert Design To Anchor The Support
    Beam Trusses To The Cabinet.
  • Galvanized steel leg plates that provide rock solid support
    to anchor the legs to the cabinet.
  • Entire under side of table is barrier lock sealed to protect the table.
  • Slate Support Backing.
  • Pockets – All Leather Pockets (Beautifully Accented)
    with Cast Iron Cores.
  • Lag Bolt Leg Design.
  • Beautiful Poly Urethane Finish with Rich Satin Look.
  • BCA approved for Tournament Play.
  • Cross-Laminated Handcrafted Legs.
  • Oil based stain, hand rubbed, for a deep beautiful wood finish.