We only use tournament-approved cushions.

Tournament Approved Cushions
The cushions are the most critical part of the rail system. The composition and shape of the cushion will determine how lively the table will play and for how long. In order for a pool table to be tournament-approved, the Billiard Congress of America (BCA) requires that “rubber cushions should be triangular in shape and molded with a conventional K-66 profile with a base height of 1 3/16th inch and a nose height of 1 inch, with control fabric molded to the top and base area of the cushion.” Our cushions meet all standards set forth by the BCA.

The Right Shape
We use BCA tournament-approved, full-profile, K-66 cushions. (Some tables use a slimmer K-66 looking cushion that isn’t suitable for tournament play. These cushions won’t provide the action a full-profile, K-66 cushion will.)

The Right Material
Over time a cushions lively play may diminish due to crystallization, if the composition of the cushion is full of fillers instead of natural gum rubber. Our Billiards use natural gum rubber cushions for maximum, lively play and consistent rebounds.

Molded Control Fabric
Control fabric is molded into the top and back of the cushion. This vulcanized canvas on top of the cushion allows the ball to rebound with the same speed no matter where the ball strikes the cushion. The vulcanized canvas on the back of the cushion allows the rubber to bond tightly to the rail ensuring that it will not separate and come loose.

Breathable Cushion Design
We provide live air space on the back of the cushion where it is glued to the sub rail. This space assists the cushion in controlling the speed and accuracy of the ball. This space also allows the cushion to breath, maintaining rubber consistency. Without this live air space, the cushion would harden due to its inability to breath.