Legs not only add aesthetic value but must also support the
entire weight of the table.

The legs are made of several layers of cross-laminated maple. This stacked hardwood design creates a solid support piece for maximum strength and stability.

Beautiful Craftsmanship
Utilizing a combination of wood-crafting machines and handcrafting techniques, the tables legs are remarkably exquisite in form and appearance. The elegant contour of the Queen Anne Scroll leg is unquestionably beautiful! The bold, masculine, but fluid look of the Ball & Claw Lion’s Mane leg is absolutely magnificent!. And the turn-of-the-century, time-honored “panel” look of the King David leg evokes images of the smoke rooms of long ago.

Lag Bolt Design
For ease of assembly, problem-free fastening, and superior tightening features, we use a lag bolt design to attach the leg to the table. The grade “A” lag bolt is screwed 3 1/2 inches into the leg and the protruding, threaded end is bolted to the tri-anchor support. Three anchoring screws are added for secondary support.