Pockets are a very important aesthetic and structural part of any table. The look and fit, as well as their durability, are important concerns.

Genuine Leather
We provide genuine, hand-tooled, leather pockets wrapped around a die-cast iron core for beauty and durability.

Cast Iron Design
The pockets are made of a cast iron core not inferior aluminum or zinc. Cast iron pockets are the strongest type of pocket. The pockets are extremely heavy and are the least likely to be broken from someone sitting on a pocket. Pockets made of aluminum are light in weight and can be easily broken.

Dyed Pockets
The leather used in the pockets is dyed not painted. If a pocket is constructed of painted leather, the material will scuff very easily when a cue stick is drug across the top of the pocket. This will result in a table looking worn in a short period of time. Dyed leather helps to eliminate this problem because the dying process penetrates the surface of the leather.