E – Series
The ‘E’ Series of infrared saunas is paradise found.  A luxury version of our popular B-Series, E-Series includes numerous upgrades as standard features.  The E-Series’ sumptuous design creates an environment of space and richness and a symphony of sound, light, color; cedar aroma – and, of course – luxurious full surround, soothing heat.

In addition to the basic standard features as the B-Series, the E-Series includes the following upgraded features as “standard”

  • Clear Western Red Cedar interior and ext.; Hemlock available
  • Deluxe molding on base and ceiling overhang
  • Exclusive curved door handle for great looks and easy grip
  • Integral drop-down TV monitor with DVD player
  • Exclusive overhanging ceiling with discreet recessed fluorescent lighting tucked into the overhang
  • One ergonomically designed arched backrest for each bench