1.   The warmer temperatures in Sauna's assist our bodies to rid itself of body toxins. We have 2 natural ways as humans to loose these body toxins.
     a. sleep
     b. exercise ( approximately 5 times faster )
2.   The warmer temperatures in Sauna's force our bodies to sweat therefore cleaning our skin. People with little or severe skin problems can highly benefit from Sauna's. Most woman love the restored elasticity in their skin as well as their skin becoming much softer.
3.   Taking a Sauna at low to mid temperatures over 20 minutes will result in weight lose, your heart rate will significantly increase and therefore burn stored fats.
4.   Sauna's are a place to find peace and solace.
We have known for years that stress is a major health issue.
20 minutes plus in the Sauna and your stress level will be much lower, resulting in many health benefits.
5.   Sauna's can be taken in a variety of ways in order to receive maximum results.

     a. low temperature ( 120 degree's Fahrenheit ) with low Humidity ( 4-9%)
     b. medium temperature ( 140 degree's Fahrenheit ) with low Humidity ( 4-9%)
     c. higher temperature ( 160-185 degree's Fahrenheit ) with low Humidity ( 4-9%)
     d. low temperature ( 120 degree's Fahrenheit ) with medium Humidity ( 12-22%)
     e. medium temperature ( 140 degree's Fahrenheit ) with medium Humidity ( 12-22%)
     f. medium to high temperature's ( 160-185 degree's Fahrenheit ) with higher or high Humidity ( 22-60%)

Taking a Saunas is a very personal thing. We all seem to like the heat level and the humidity level just a little differently. This is one of the reasons why home Sauna's are so popular around the world. Sauna's should be taken in sessions not exceeding 20 min. Of course never override what your body tells you. If you get dizzy, find yourself breathing heavy or just plain getting to hot – GET OUT OF THE SAUNA NOW

Health issues and issues concerning children:
If you have any kind of heart problems, blood pressure problems – do not use Sauna's. Pregnant woman consult your Doctor. Small children 4 years old and up are curious about Sauna's in their home and like to join their parents. Allow them to try it, but do not allow them or encourage them to stay more than just a few minutes. Their little body's overheat faster. They need to cool down and get fresh air. Teach them about the rocks as well as the heater being hot.

Often we are asked " How long should I stay in the Sauna " our answer " – 20 min Also your own body will tell you ". Never stay longer than your body tells you. You will know.

More seasoned Sauna takers stay in the sauna much longer.

Common Sense:
Drink lots of water before – during – after taking a Sauna. After taking a Sauna it helps if you lay down flat for some time (15 min.or more) allowing your body to rest a bit.

This is a general outline, please use your common sense if you are a beginner Sauna user. Less is better in the beginning. If you would like, call us for more health information or simply consult your own physician.

Have a relaxing / fun and save time in your Sauna from all of us here at Alpine Sauna / Steam bath.