How to choose the right sauna

1. How many people should the sauna accommodate?

2. There are 4 different Saunas to construct

a. Modular Sauna ( assembly only)
b. Pre-cut Sauna
c. Outdoor Sauna – usually custom –
d. Infrared Sauna

3. Do you like to sit down, lie down or sit across in a Sauna?

Bench width is a key issue and can change the sauna significantly.

4. Would you like to read in the Sauna?

Light placement is something that is only done once, so try a few different places before cutting holes. You may also want a dimmer switch outside for the light or lights.

5. Basic Sauna packages usually do not include items such as:

a. Thermometer/Hygrometer combinations
b. Luxury benches
c. Curved back rests
d. Full duckboard flooring
e. Eucalyptus, Herbal aroma therapy oils .
f. Longer ladles
g. Sauna wood treatment
h. Windows
i. Sauna Sandtimer

Even though these items are considered upgrades, a full compliment of these upgrades can be purchased for around a $1,000.00.  Taking an average sauna to a state of the art Sauna. Custom design (CAD drawings) are offered at no cost to the consumer.

6. Sauna door placement 

a. door should always be on the longest wall
b. will the door be hinged left or right
c. standard wood pre-hung doors have a rough opening of 26" x 82"
d. all glass doors are also available at little extra cost
e. Wood doors come with no window to little – medium and – almost all window

7. The heart of the Sauna is the heater

a. Sauna heaters should always be stainless steel preferably double body stainless steel
b. Heaters vary in price depending if the controls are on the heater, analogue or digital
c. New sauna heaters are emerging ( always on heaters and steam creating heaters)
d. For Sauna / Steam combinations consider Misty heaters