by TyloHelo

The Panacea steam bath soothes your body and soul. Hot steam envelopes your body and brings total relaxation, releasing tension and muscle aches while your customized light and sound settings brings tranquility to the mind.


  • Luxury steam made easier than ever before
  • Corian interior is easy, light and modern
  • Combine your favorite spa treatments in one steam room
panacea finished


1 SIZES Min 1325x925
2 Max 1725x925
3 Height 2090
4 Number of sizes/combinations 2 standard sizes
5 STEAM Steam generator Included in column
6 Steam outlet Included
7 Ceiling shower Included in column
8 GLAS/WALLS Black frame Included
9 Transparent smoke colored glass Included in front and side walls
10 Opaque pale glass, non transparent Included in back and side walls
11 Mood lit back section with steam outlet Not possible
12 Mood lit back section with steam column Included
13 GLASS OPTIONS (depending on model you can change the walls) Opaque pale glass, non transparent Option
14 Opaque pale glass/black glass, non transparent Option
15 Transparent smoke colored glass Option
16 INTERIOR Bench/s in corain Included
17 Number of benches Due to model 1-2
18 ADDITIONAL OPTIONS With our without tresh hold Option

Transparent, smoke colored glass included.