Commercial Steam Boilers

Ideal for large steam rooms, the Amerec commercial steam bath boilers are designed for optimum user enjoyment and ease of use.  A variety of standard features makes these boilers desirable from a facilities maintenance point of view and delivers reliable service for owners.  Each unit is designed for easy on-site maintenance and hands-off, automated operation.

Amerec engineering and technology incorporates several unique featues making Amerec boilers the commercial steam generator choice of facilities maintenance engineers.


Standard Features

  • ASME certified low-pressure vessel.
  • UL Listed.
  • All steel construction with powder coat exterior, brass fittings and stainless steel feet to prevent corrosions.
  • One or two room operation with each room controlled individually by separate low-voltage on/off controls.
  • External control system includes indicator light to show when boiler is on.
  • Room “over-temperature shut down” turns boiler elements off and blinks indicators to show alarm.
  • Two or three wire alarm circuit switching provides for remote monitoring.
  • Multiple safety features including:
  • Water level sight glass.
  • Three-level water sensing system with low water cutoff.
  • High pressure cut-out on all boilers.
  • Designed for easy serviceability.
  • Simple service access.
  • Indicator lights with integral diagnostics.

Controls and Options

  • IT1 Thermostat for single room installation.  Remote or boiler mounted.  Required with each boiler.
  • IT2 Thermostat for two room installation.  Remote or boiler mounted.
  • ADI CoolFlush drain and flush system automatically performs recommended daily draining and flushing of the boiler tank to reduce build-up of solids such as scale and sludge.  Uses a computer controlled drain cycle to add and drain water in steps, rinsing the tank and draining water at or below 140 F.
  • IDS In-Room “Refresh” control for a quick burst of steam delivered on demand.
  • I60 60 Minute Timer to control steam flow in steam rooms with intermittant use.
  • I24/7 7 Day Time Clock
  • I24/1 24 Hour Time Clock

Available Electrical Specifications

AI Series boilers are available for the following electrical specifications.

  • 208V / 1 Phase
  • 240V / 3 Phase
  • 480V / 3 Phase
  • 415V / 3 Phase (Export)