Why Choose Pre-Cut?

Is flexibility what matters most to you? Our pre-cut sauna packages contain all the materials and equipment necessary to complete your sauna (after the room has been framed, wired and insulated).

Our pre-cut sauna is great for the person looking for the ease in assembling a kit but wanting more flexibility in the layout. This is a superb sauna for constructing into the framing of an existing space.

We offer unlimited pre-cut room sizes – from 3′ x 4′ up to very large commercial sauna rooms, all with 7′ or up to 8’ ceilings (the maximum height recommended for optimum comfort and efficiency). Detailed construction plans help you prepare the room for quick installation.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? We provide custom pre-cut packages and layout planning assistance.

Pre-Cut Sauna Rooms

Standard Features

  • Select Nordic Whitewoods or Western Red Cedar (1/2″x4″ or 1/2″x6″) tongue and groove wall and ceiling boards precut to length
  • Interior corner, ceiling and door trim
  • Pre-assembled benches
  • Heater guard rail
  • Pre-hung door (model G2PL)
  • Wooden duckboard or plastic mat flooring in walking area
  • Bucket and ladle
  • Wall light, thermometer
  • Headrests and backrests
  • Foil vapor barrier, all hardware

Optional Features

  • Angles and unique bench configurations
  • Glass windows and sidelites
  • All-glass door, handicap accessible doors
  • Accessories
  • Digital controls
  • Misty or Saunatonttu heater
  • Bench skirting
  • wall-to-wall duckboards
  • Luxury benches
  • Deluxe backrests
  • Bench skirting
  • Valance lighting