How to Calculate Steam Generator Sizing

1. Calculate the cubic footage of the enclosure.  Length X Width X Height (in feet) = Cubic feet.  Ignore deductions for benches or other intrusions as they represent surface area to heat.

2. Add the following adjustments to the cubic footage calculated in the step above to account for your specific design features.  (Multiply % indicated times cubic footage calculated in #1)

A. Ceramic tile thin set, acrylic or fiberglass.  Add 0%

B. Ceramic tile mortar bed or cement board backing.  Add 20%

C. Cast iron tub.  Add 20%

D. For each glass, glass block wall or exterior wall (if freezing is possible)  Add 10%

E. Natural stones (Marble, granite, slate).  add 100%

Total = (1+2A+2B+2C+2D+2E)

3. Compare the total calculated in #2 above with the chart below.

wdt_ID *Available Models Max. Cubic Footage Max. Cubic Footage
1 240V 208V
2 4.5KW 90 60
3 7.5KW 200 80
4 9KW 280 120
5 11KW 375 175
6 14KW 550 350
12 Call for ganged units